Microsoft Word’s dark mode is getting even darker

Microsoft is improving the dark mode in Word to make it even darker. The software maker has started testing an update to Word that will color entire documents in a dark canvas. Currently, Word has a dark mode that modifies the ribbon and toolbars, but the canvas stays bright white. A future update to Word will include the ability to switch the canvas into dark mode, too.

“This has been a long-requested feature from many of Office Insiders and we’re excited to make it happen,” explains Ali Forelli, a program manager on Microsoft’s Word team. “With Dark mode, you’ll notice that the previously white page color is now a dark grey/black.” While the canvas will change, colors in a document will also be adjusted. Reds, blues, yellows, and other bright colors will be “shifted slightly to mute the overall effect of the color palette” and match the dark background.

There will be a Switch Modes button in the Word ribbon to change between a dark and light canvas, and options in Word to permanently disable the dark canvas, too. This new Word dark mode update looks similar to what currently exists in OneNote, which has options to switch between a dark and light canvas.

This darker mode is currently available to beta testers of Office 365, so it should be rolling out to all Word users in the coming months.