Mum’s fury as school meal slammed by Marcus Rashford arrives ‘mouldy and inedible’

A mum claims a food group slammed by Marcus Rashford sent her school meal boxes that were largely “inedible”.

Kerry Elson, 29, says vegetables sent by the school catering company Chartwells were mouldy.

She described the food as unacceptable.

The firm apologised last month after being criticised by school-meals advocate Rashford, but Kerry believes the quality has not improved.

She said the quality of food delivered to her and her family in Yatton, Somerset, is getting worse each week and has called for action.

Kerry said: “It was really bad, there was some perishable food like a small bag of pasta and that was fine – but the rest was inedible.

“There was potatoes and they were sprouting and squidgy, they were the worst.

“The tomatoes had mould on them and the onions did too.

“The bananas were brown, they were gone – and the pears were so soft I could put my finger through them.”

Kerry has now set up a Facebook support page so parents who rely on school meals can come together and share their experiences.

She added: “We set this up because we felt so passionately that if we are suffering, other parents are suffering, and is it fair that parents have to choose between feeding their children rotten food or not feeding them at all?

“It’s completely unacceptable, I would not feed this to any of my children.

“Chartwells seem to reckon they are improving, but Christ – I dread to think what it was like before.”

A spokesperson for Chartwells said: “Unfortunately it is impossible to tell whether the pictures provided are from one of our parcels.

“It is important to stress that if a parent is ever unhappy with what they receive they can call our helpline and receive a replacement parcel within 24 hours.

“We have substantially enhanced our lunch parcels in the last three weeks, and are also providing free breakfast too.

“We have supplied over 30,000 parcels in the last two weeks and have been receiving lots of positive feedback from parents.”

Kerry, a full time mum, has four children, Kody, 13, Jenson, nine, Darcey, six, and Kingsley, one.